In honour of February’s Full Snow Moon and the beautiful, magical Rowan Tree we invite outstanding storyteller Ashley Ramsden to share a healing vision through story.

What stories are you listening to and which ones are you choosing to believe or telling yourself? Of all the stories you have heard which ones are helping you through this exceptional time? In this evening Ashley will share with you some of the stories that have helped him stay sane, kept his immune system up and his heart alive. He will be accompanied by the remarkable guitarist Ariel Gragnani.

To view Ariel’s exceptional video’s investigate this link!

Ashley has worked as an international storyteller and workshop leader since 1986. He is as much at home telling in the Sydney Opera House as he is in your front room. For warmth and a steady hand in these turbulent times he will guide us with skill over emotional landscapes.

In 2008 Ashley’s collaboration with Nancy Mellon resulted in Body Eloquence:The Power of Myth and Story to Awaken the Body’s Energies.