The Storyteller’s Way

A Sourcebook for Inspired Storytelling
Sue Hollingsworth and Ashley Ramsden

Here is the long awaited storytelling masterwork from storytellers Sue Hollingsworth and Ashley Ramsden. The Storyteller’s Way is the long awaited fruit of over 25 years of educating storytellers. The authors share the trials and triumphs of their personal journeys and explore what it means to be a storyteller today. The Storytellers Way is designed to help people become confident and inspiring storytellers. This easy-to-follow guide is complete with story exercises, activities, inspiring quotes, humour and tips.

The Storyteller’s Way is for storytellers, coaches, teachers, leaders, parents, librarians and anyone needing a helpful storytelling resource. It contains a wealth of successful tried-and-tested methods for improving storytelling, with  helpful exercises to practice skills and build confidence. The concise and engaging instructions make it a pleasure to use, with clear diagrams to ease understanding.

Contents: Starting Out and First Steps- Nuts and Bolts; the Basics and Beyond; the Senses;  Rhythm and Repetition; Polarities; Temperaments; Thresholds; Dynamics; Gestures; Gazes; Relating; Silence; Levels of Language; Voice; The Deeper Current-Self Development and Storytelling; Quotes; Stories; Tips; Exercises; Examples; Resources

‘Storytellers are more than tellers of tales- they are healers, entertainers and teachers inspired by profound spiritual traditions. This requires ongoing renewal and inspiration so that stories can come alive and serve the community.’  Ashley Ramsden and Sue Hollingsworth

The authors teach storytelling at the International School of Storytelling at Emerson College, England and worldwide. Ashley has a background in theatre and speech which he uses to develop unique methods of storytelling and voice work. He is well-known for his one man shows such as Tistou, The Boy with Green Thumbs and The Christmas Carol. Sue leads wilderness and pilgrimage walks, storytelling retreats for women and performs shows to invite people to engage with nature such as Out of Eden.

David Campbell, Foreword; ‘Rich in their complementary talents, both generous and attentive teachers, this book is a testimony to the alchemy of Sue and Ashley’s work. On this storytellers’ journey, you will discover your confident self and your unique voice.’

Book details:  Release date: March 1 2013 2013; ISBN:978-1-907359-19-4; 228 x 186mm Portrait; 256pp approx  Paperback; £20.00; Storytelling Series; published by Hawthorn Press

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