Discovering the Philosophy of Freedom in Fairy Tales

An exploration of the essence of Steiner’s great work through the language of fairy tales.

7th-9th February 2020

with Wim Wolbrink and Ashley Ramsden

Emerson College, Forest Row, East Sussex, RH185JX, UK

 In April 1922 when Rudolf Steiner visited Den Haag in the Netherlands Walter Johannes Stein asked him:” What will remain of your work in the millennia to come?”

“Nothing“ was his reply to the astonished audience “ but the Philosophy of Freedom.”

Like a dark wood, for many people the Philosophy of Freedom is too difficult to penetrate and find the way in. But with the help of the picture language of some familiar fairy tales    what might have seemed bewildering can suddenly become clear and the forest of words a path for life.

In this weekend we will delve deeply and playfully into some of Grimm’s fairy tales and working with our imagination gradually uncover some of the gems at the heart of Steiner’s greatest work.

No previous experience of the Philosophy of Freedom is necessary but you will get more out of our time together if you look at a copy beforehand and, if possible, bring it with you.

Workshop Fee: Tiered Pricing.

Please select according to your personal circumstances.  £175 / £225 / £250

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Hosts: Wim Wolbrink and Ashley Ramsden

Wim Wolbrink

For many years Wim has been telling stories in his homeland and abroad at festivals, theatres, companies and people at home. Fun, exciting and compelling stories. Myths, sagas, legends, fables and wonder tales.

When he was 42, he founded the Dutch National Storytelling School with his colleague Frans de Vette. Hundreds of people have got to know the power and playfulness of storytelling in this way.

At age 49 he became acquainted with the book Philosophy of Freedom. Now he uses the storytelling and stories to explore and deepen all kinds of themes.

Wim received his training in storytelling at the Emerson College in East Sussex, England. Wim is not only a narrator and lecturer but also a human advisor. He organizes symposium, festivals and study groups in which the versatile use of stories occupies a prominent place.

Ashley Ramsden

Ashley Ramsden is a co-founding director of the School of Storytelling at Emerson College, UK, the longest running centre of its kind. He has facilitated countless courses all over the world for the last 30 years along with appearing at major storytelling festivals and theatres with his acclaimed one-man-shows. He is also a speaker of sacred poetry