A weekend, exploring the stories you have become attached to with Ashley Ramsden.

There is a kind of consciousness waiting for us that is free of stories.

A story is a belief system and every story we hold on to separates us in some way from others. (Unless of course we share the same story). How then can we enter a story-free space and experience the non-attachment and spaciousness of this place? The daily news, the Covid updates, what friends and neighbours are thinking, all of these are sources of stories and sometimes huge anxieties. This will be a weekend to look at the stories we have become attached to, how they have sustained and even inspired us and then to lay them down – to see who we are without them.

Treat yourself to a space that is free of all stories: playful, creative, welcoming and inclusive.

What will this give you? A greater sense of ease, a flow of energy without hindrances, the ability to see many sides of a person or situation, a sense of the interconnectedness of all living systems – a stability that is also flexible and open hearted -a rediscovery of wonder. Nothing short of a few essential tools for life.

  • When: Friday, 08 October to Sun 10 Oct 2021Times: Fri 7.30pm to 9.30pm
    Sat 9.00am to 5:00pm
    Sun 9:00am to 12:30pm

    Where: Emerson College,Forest Row, East Sussex, RH185JX,UK

    Course Fees*: £185/150/100
    according to your circumstances


    Booking your place on this course and your stay at Emerson are two separate steps and payments:


    Contact Ashley by email hodjah@hotmail.com or by text 077389 29 700 to book your place,Once confirmed you can pay via Paypal using my email address or by bank transfer, Details on request.


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